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Corporate Mind Reading

Corporate Mind Reading - Mind Reader Paul Brook
Corporate Mind Reading by Paul Brook

Are you thinking of hiring some corporate mind reading?

It can be difficult, you’ve organised an open day – a sales drive, convention, conference or product launch – and everybody has turned up.

How do you break the ice? How do you get your prospective clients and customers talking to your sales staff?

Forget cheese and wine, it’s old hat, and not particularly imaginative. What you really need is something a little bit special. Of course, the same is true of: open days, sales drives, conventions, conferences, sales meetings, product launches and trade shows.

If you want to create a buzz, then how about this: Corporate Mind Reading – Words and images are pulled from people’s minds, just with a look. People are influenced to make choices that seem free, but are in fact controlled by the mind reader. And to top it off, the mind reader passes on his skill to other guests so that they can read minds as well.

Paul Brook provides corporate mind reading and has demonstrated these incredible abilities at events throughout the UK. YET, he claims not to have any supernatural gifts. Rather, he uses psychology and soft science to exactly replicate psychic powers. Paul uses his knowledge and skills built up over 15 years to provide amazement, entertainment…and raise a few laughs.

It’s guaranteed to cause a buzz, draw prospects to your product or service, and offer a talking point, just shout out “corporate mind reading” and see how many people want to talk to you.

On the other hand…you could just rely on snacks and a drink to impress your clients and prospective customers.

Here’s an article on why people hire Paul Brook Mind Reader to boost their business in five easy steps: Five Secrets To Boost Your Business

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Corporate Mind Reading – Video Clip

It’s not just awesome photos and a great website that makes a mind reader good, but it is a start. What you should consider before booking your corporate mind reading is what the performer actually can do…and prove. Paul likes to put his money where his mouth is, and so this video ‘Playing With Minds’ was created to show you what he can do with strangers on the streets, take a look and decide for yourself :

5 / 5 stars     

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