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- Effects

- Softback Book

This tome of 398 pages explains how you can make your magic transform into miracles.

Paul shares with you some of his best kept secrets from the world of Psychology, so that you never have to have a lackluster response ever again.

Over 50 Psychological methods are discussed in full detail. As well as the powerful Psychology included in the first 250 pages, you also receive a number of strong effects.


Effects include:

At the Doors of Perception:

A deck of cards is never touched by the Mentalist. The volunteer secretly selects a card and shuffles it into the other cards. After the deck has been shuffled by the person the Mentalist is then able to remove one card from the deck; it is the spectators.

  • No Forces
  • No Stacks
  • Genuinely shuffled by the volunteer
  • Cards can be borrowed



A thought of card effect, where you have a 1/6.5 chance of guessing the card that the volunteer is thinking of.

  • No Forces
  • No Pre-Show
  • No Writing Down


Insightful Sequence:

The numbers 1-10 are written onto 10 business cards. The volunteer is asked a number of questions in order to psychologically profile her. After some mental calculations the Mentalist writes a secret number onto a piece of paper, then folds it up and gives it to the volunteer. The cards are also reordered based on the information that the volunteer provides.

The volunteer then chooses what order the cards are placed in to. When the volunteer opens up the piece of paper, the number sequence of the cards matches the sequence predicted on the paper.

  • No Forces
  • No Switches
  • The volunteer makes free choices
  • Once the prediction is made it is never touched by the Mentalist


Killer-Hertz (kHz):

Five ESP cards are given to a group of four people. The Mentalist turns around and faces away from the group. Each person selects a card leaving the Mentalist with the not chosen card left upon a table. Before the Mentalist turns around he/she removes a sealed envelope from his/her pocket, and throws it onto the table.

Whilst the cards are all hidden, the Mentalist turns around and correctly guesses what every person has selected. The envelope on the table is opened by a volunteer and an ESP card, matching the ESP card left for the Mentalist, is found within. On the ESP card a note states, "I am always left with the circle!"

  • No Forces
  • No Pre-Show
  • No Writing Down
  • No Glimpses
  • No Marked Cards


Thus Spake Zarathustra:

Paul shares six of his most guarded cold reading secrets. If you do not include any cold reading at all, these little gems will inspire you to start doing so.


Paul concludes this book with a number of essays and thoughts on the subject of Mentalism and Psychology.

Get the strong miracle reactions that you deserve!


398 page, perfect bound soft cover book.

All books will be signed by the author.

Fair Notice On Purchases:

1) Unless a name is specified on the PayPal form, books will be signed to the name on the PayPal address.

2) Free P&P is unrecorded and untracked. Lost items will not be replaced unless extra recorded delivery/tracking is requested. To ask about the cost of recorded/tracked delivery please email: prior to purchase.


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Reviews & Comments


"Paul Brook’s books blow my mind. They are filled with new presentations and brain-twisting methods!

The mystical covers of of the “Brook- Books”, burst open with fresh ideas and provocative applications.

I am proud to have these volumes in my collection of arcane arts.... Reading them is an inspiration!"

- Jeff McBride, Creator of The Magic & Mystery School, USA

"Imagine being able to sit down with a true professional, in every sense of the word, and picking his brains about the real ins and outs of performing for real people in real situations, the rough with the smooth... this book would be the outcome of that conversation and so so much more.

I am really struggling to put into words how impressed I am that Paul has taken the time to break this down into such a simple manor to allow anyone, who is willing to become the best they can be, to completely raise their game!

What Paul Brook has written is the closest we, as mentalists, will get to that mirror we all require to not only improve our routines, but more importantly, ourselves as individuals in a professional performing context.

Paul should be congratulated on taking the time to write for us what I truly consider to be a book which will long be remembered with the other classics of our art."

- Colin McLeod, Professional Mentalist, UK



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