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- Softback Book

The Book Of Lies is a large collection of around 45 different effects, ideas and presentations covering areas such as Impromptu, Stage, Psychokenesis and the Media.

Paul shares some of his closely guarded secrets some of which are still in his current working repertoire. It would be too exhaustive to print an entire list of the contents. But they include:

Being able to ask members of your audience to think of a word, and you can instantly reveal it. No messing about!

• A way to give any wallet a hidden indexing ability.

• Creating your own James Bond style watch.

• Make a person forget simple things, and give them proof of their amnesia.

• The ability to stop a watch whilst completely naked.

• Give a Radio Show Host the ability to ask a caller three simple questions and know what song she wants to request.

• Two show stopping finales for your stage show that are as close to real mind reading as possible.

Plus So Much More


You know the material is going to be of the high standard that you all expect from Paul, so grab your copy today!

252 page, perfect bound soft cover book.

All books will be signed by the author.

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1) Unless a name is specified on the PayPal form, books will be signed to the name on the PayPal address.

2) Free P&P is unrecorded and untracked. Lost items will not be replaced unless extra recorded delivery/tracking is requested. To ask about the cost of recorded/tracked delivery please email: prior to purchase.



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Reviews & Comments


"The Book of Lies is in my opinion Paul's best book to date. EVERYTHING in it is practical and you can see that it has been created and used by a working PRO. I'm sure you'll find routines in here that you can really use."

- Marc Paul, Professional Mentalist, UK


"Like all of Paul's work he has once again provided us with some awesome ideas here.

It's a combination of original razor sharpe thinking mixed with his experience of being a working and performing professional entertainer that makes this book so full of usable real world routines and ideas.

You just won't want to put this book down until you have squeezed every inch of that juicy succulent and above all deliciously devious world class mentalism from it.

Well done Paul another best seller I would say."

- Paul Stockman, Professional Mentalist, UK

"I really enjoyed this latest Brook offering.

One idea has been adapted and added to my act and another is burning away at the back of mind, looking for a home in my show. These are just two highlights in a book with plenty to offer all types of performers.

Good work Paul!"

- Alexander Marsh, Professional Mentalist, UK


This book just been released. More Reviews and comments will start arriving after all the top professionals have had chance to read it.


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