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- Stage
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Skill Level: - Easy
Strengths: - Impromptu
- No Props
- Full Scripting

- Softback Book

A powerful brand new book test from the mental workings of Paul Brook.

Imagine turning up to an event, borrowing any book of the spectators choice (from their own collection), they turn to a page and then they mentally select any word they want.

Then you reveal the thought of word to them!

Some Things To Keep In Mind:

  • No Gimmicked Book
  • No Writing Down
  • The Word is Chosen in the Spectators Mind
  • Can be Performed with Any Book
  • Free Choice of any Book (No Equivoque Used)


The 'Brook Test' book contains 10 powerful variations and tried and tested subtleties.


104 page, perfect bound soft cover book.

All books will be signed by the author.

Fair Notice On Purchases:

1) Unless a name is specified on the PayPal form, books will be signed to the name on the PayPal address.

2) Free P&P is unrecorded and untracked. Lost items will not be replaced unless extra recorded delivery/tracking is requested. To ask about the cost of recorded/tracked delivery please email: prior to purchase.


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Reviews & Comments


"It's just so elegant!"

- Andy Nyman, Professional Mentalist, UK


"I love it. I sat down and read straight through it. There's a lot of genius psychological subtleties within this book.

This is fine piece of impromptu mentalism that should last for the ages."

- Scott Wells, A.I.M.C and S.A.M Magician of the Year USA


"There is a lot of really good psychology in its pages and your thoroughness is to be commended. I will definitely be using some of these fine ideas."

- Richard Osterlind, Professional Mentalist, USA


"You have taken the Hoy book test one step forward by making it possible to go beyond 'look at the first word on that page' to what will look like 'think of any word on that page'. This is a nice evolution from the Hoy original."

- Ian Rowland, Professional Mindreader, UK


"I have seen manuscripts for non-gimmicked book tests before, and personally, I would have to say that this is the strongest one that I have ever read.

An excellent impromptu book test, I really like it."

- Andrew Payne, Co-Presenter of GoMagicGo Magic Radio


"This method takes book tests to a new level. The methods within this book will make any book test turn into a miracle. Look out for this man and his revolutionary new mentalism."

- Win E, Professional Mentalist, Thailand


"The book contains an excellent collection of information on how to achieve very strong reactions to a book test, however, to describe the manuscript simply as a book test is to undervalue it. The Brook Test is an excellent piece of work, worthy of a place in any mentalists library."

- Jason Southern, Mentalist, UK


"A great and refreshingly different approach, beautifully explained. A book test it is, but I think there is more to this than meets the eye. This is also thought provoking in terms of its method and applications elsewhere…"

- Piers Casimir-Mrowczynski, Mentalist, UK


"I am very pleased with the Brook Test; my only concern is that this is available to others......pure gold."

- Dean Spruce, Mentalist, UK


"Very good indeed. It's not for the faint-hearted, or those with weak performance skills. However, for anyone with an interest in performing a truly impromptu book test, this is a remarkable manuscript.

This is strong mentalism for serious performers."

- Jonathan Marshall, Mentalist, UK


"What makes a miracle out of this simple effect is the psychology that Paul has put into the effect. It IS possible to perform this effect without preparation. If you are invited to a party and they ask for a demonstration of your mind power; perform this book test.

Get it. Even if it is only to learn about the psychology of forcing words."

- Carsten Lexa, Mentalist, Germany


"Paul is a psychologist, he knows how people think and was able to find a way to do the impossible: improve perfection. There is no possible way to improve Hoy’s book test, but Brook has found a way.

Brook’s psychological thinking and methods have expanded a classic in to the de facto greatest umgimmicked impromptu book test out there. Any book selected, any page turned to, any word chosen. Anytime, anywhere, with anybody. This is the benchmark that all other book tests will fail to achieve."

- Scott Drebus, Professional Magician, USA


"A very clever and deceptive book test."

- Steve Gammon, Mentalist, UK


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