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- Stage
- Close-Up
- Group
Skill Level: - Easy/Medium
Strengths: - Concepts
- Multiple Effects
- Full Scripting

- Softback Book

A number of strong and eerie effects that will put your spectators on edge!

Effects Include :

Dearly Departed:
A volunteer is given a sealed envelope and a photograph of a dead person; they are to look at the photograph at any opportunity they can for a week.

After the week has passed the volunteer makes a time prediction. Once the prediction ismade the envelope is opened to reveal a death certificate showing a time of death for the person in the photograph that matches their prediction.


Telepathic Touch:
You explain that a single touch is enough to change destiny if we allow it to. A sealed envelope is handed to a person to keep safe. You look into the eyes of a volunteer and touch their shoulder. A deck of cards is then displayed openly and fairly and four cards are selected randomly by this person, without you touching the cards. Each card is placed into an envelope and numbered.

Another person is asked to join the two of you. The first spectator touches the new spectator in the same way you touched them. The new spectator chooses any envelope they want, when the envelope is opened the card is displayed and eerily matches the card within the envelope that you handed out to a neutral party from the start.


Fair is Fair Switch:
A wonderfully fair and deceptive way of switching billets.


"Your Word, Corinda!":
An evolution of "My Word!" by Corinda, using the 'Fair is Fair' Switch and other astonishing methods.


Serial, Killer!:
You approach a person that you have never met before, you ask them to take out a bank note while you turn away. You never touch them, their belongings or the note, yet you can tell them the unique serial number on the bank note.

Watch a video of this effect by clicking here.


On Stage Killing:
A large scale variation of "Serial, Killer!" with a surprise revealtion that proves the serial number prediction was made days before.


Unique psychological subtleties are included for each effect, to the in-depth standard now expected from Paul.


BONUS: Interview with James Brown, the Magic Circle's close-up magician of the year 2006.


136 page, perfect bound soft cover book.

All books will be signed by the author.

Fair Notice On Purchases:

1) Unless a name is specified on the PayPal form, books will be signed to the name on the PayPal address.

2) Free P&P is unrecorded and untracked. Lost items will not be replaced unless extra recorded delivery/tracking is requested. To ask about the cost of recorded/tracked delivery please email: prior to purchase.


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Reviews & Comments


Dearly Departed from On Mephistos Shoulder hits the audience so hard they feel like the morning after drinking 20 pints of guinness with a crazed Irishman.

My favourite effect at the moment by a long shot.

- Keith Barry, Professional Mentalist & TV Personality


"Paul Brook’s books blow my mind. They are filled with new presentations and brain-twisting methods!

The mystical covers of of the “Brook- Books”, burst open with fresh ideas and provocative applications.

I am proud to have these volumes in my collection of arcane arts.... Reading them is an inspiration!"

- Jeff McBride, Creator of The Magic & Mystery School, USA

"I really, really like it!

Paul’s thinking is fresh, innovative and has a real ring of originality."

- Drew McAdam, Professional Mentalist, UK


"It contains a very useable mix of concepts, effects and subtleties as well as quite a few pieces of genuinely 'out of the box' thinking.

The effects are the key here, and they are generally hallmarked by a creative disregard for how things should be done, not necessarily in terms of method, but also in terms of what a performance should mean.

If I could undo my knowledge of magic and have one effect performed on me, Dearly Departed would probably be it, because I can only imagine the sensation it would create.

Nothing is rushed, nothing is hurried, and the effects are given the space they deserve."

- Phill Smith, Author of 'Mitox', UK


"I like it very much!

Paul's 'Serial, Killer!' is innovative and I find his idea a refreshing one. That effect alone, could be worth many times the price of the whole book for people REALLY using it.

One could be booked on the spot thanks to just THAT effect."

- Paolo Cavalli, Professional Mentalist, ITALY


"I love it, an essential buy."

- Jonathan Fielder-White, Professional Mentalist, UK


"On Mephisto's Shoulder is an excellent contribution to the Mentalism community.I truly enjoyed reading Paul's fantastic ideas and I am confident that you will too. Highly recommended for the serious performer."

- Sean Waters, Mentalist, USA


"This book is amazing!

I like his style of writing, he is rather witty and everything is well laid out so very easy to understand.I don't write many reviews and usually skeptical when reading them but hand on heart Im very excited with the book and in my opinion a very worth while purchase.

I wont tell you that you should get it(I find that's patronizing) but Im very happy that I did.

Money well spent!"

- Peter Carroll, Mentalist, IRELAND


"All of the effects are amazing!

This is a piece of genius - Paul has done it again. The Corinda variation is going straight into my stage show, and I can see myself using the Telepathic Touch and the Dearly Departed effects very, very regularly. My show is now so full of Mr Brook's material, that it is starting to feel like it is no longer mine, it has been changed so much!

Basically, this was worth the money for me, ten fold.

If any of you have ever read Paul's material in the past, you know that it is 100% spot on and workable material...this is no different.

Here is something I very rarely give, stating that hardly anything is perfect, but...


Buy it, you can't go wrong."

- Chris Beard, Mentalist, UK


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