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Party Entertainment

Party Entertainment - Paul Brook
Party Entertainment – Paul Brook

Whether birthday party entertainment, or any other form of party entertainment, one solution you may want to consider is psychological mind reading.

Don’t worry it isn’t anything to do with the weird side of life, but is based in the soft sciences. Using a mixture of psychology, movement analysis and other things the mind reader will be able to make it look as though he is able to do the impossible.

These impossible things will involve:

- Making your guests picks words or sentences from any book using his influencing and mind controlling words.

- Guests may think of any photograph from their past and the mind reader will be able to draw that image with uncanny accuracy.

- Other party guests can just think of words and the psychological mind reader will swiftly analyse that guest and tell them the word they are likely to be thinking of.

- Some of the guests will even be spoken to in a way that will affect their very memory. Simply words, symbols and images which should be simple to remember will be completely wiped from their memory. Even stranger still, no hypnosis will be used to do this.

Other abilities can be demonstrated, but that is a quick and simple overview to give you an idea of what to expect from a mind reader who entertains at your event.

Now that you know just how amazing psychological mind reading is, the next question you should be asking is, “Which mind reader will I go with?”

Luckily, there are only a handful of professional mind readers in the United Kingdom, and you have stumbled upon one of the most qualified. Paul Brook has been reading minds for entertainment for nearly ten years, and better still he is extremely affordable. Grab a no obligation quote today by going to the ‘contact’ section of this website.

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Party Entertainment – Something Unique

We want to let you know just how entertaining this form of party entertainment can be. Unlike other people who are offering party entertainment based on a photo studio image, we want your to see Paul Brook Mind Reader doing what he does best in this short but entertaining video:

5 / 5 stars     

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