Bring your trade show, conference or exhibition to life with amazing presenting from Brook!

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Brook Presenter is perfect for:

Powerful engaging presentations and training

With over a decade of experience enthralling audiences, Brook specialises in presenting in engaging innovative ways.
Brook also offers a number of training workshops that allows companies to capitalise from some of the interesting psychological skills that Brook has gathered over the years.

Instantly Feel At Ease Because…

  • You and your guests are safe:

    Public liability insurance up to £10,000,000.
    Risk assessed, and all equipment PAT Tested.

  • Your event is safe:

    Over 10 years of experience in this field.
    This is his full time career.
    Experienced in presenting with large companies.

  • Your time is safe:

    Inner Truth Productions Ltd is a professional company.
    Swift and clear communications from start to finish.

The services that Brook offers cover a wide range of platforms:

At trade shows he helps companies to maximise their presence while at the same time generating business for them.

As a speaker he combines his thoughts on the human mind with amusing anecdotes that keep audiences on the edge of their seats in rapt silence.

During training Brook share some of his closely guarded secrets from how to connect with the people you want to sell to right through to solid memory training.

If you have a message that you need to deliver on a video, or live at an event or exhibition, Brook can deliver that message powerfully and in a way that people will remember. He even has a secret advantage that really gives him the edge.

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