Trade Show Event Planning

Date: February 25, 2015

Trade Show Event Planning

Trade Show Event Planning

What a bore trade show event planning can be, right? Wrong! If trade show event planning is a dull task for you then you are not doing it right.

Hopefully by the end of this article you can understand just why trade show event planning is not just fun but profitable too.

When most people think about trade show event planning they start to wonder about how to get people in to their booth. This can be with a frivolous email gathering activity or some freebies that people will pick up as stealthily as a ninja in order not to speak with anyone.

The problem with this sort of trade show event planning mentality is that it assumes people won’t want to come into the booth or stand in the first place. Then as a consequence the focus becomes on how to drag people in so that they can be ‘sold’ to.

It’s like a massive game of fishing where delegates are fish and the exhibitors at the trade show are the fishermen trying to reel them in.

Trust me, nobody wants to be a fish!

How do you get people to want to come to the stand and interact?

The answer is with a unique and different style of presenter, such as Brook.

Brook uses a number of different psychological ploys and ‘games’ that make people want, actually voluntarily, to come into your booth or stand and interact with him.

Once there the delegates are then qualified by Brook who can then find out the people who are genuinely interested and connect them to the appropriate member of staff. How cool is that?

Welcome to the fun side of trade show event planning

When you include a professional presenter into your trade show event planning it take a lot of strain off the process.

Less stress equals more fun, right?

Hiring Brook will mean that your trade show event planning won’t need to focus on making your staff do things out of their comfort zone or try to draw people in with not so cheap freebies. It also allows your staff to use their valuable time on people that actually want your product/service and not just the free pen.

If you still don’t think that trade show event planning then take a look at how much fun Brook is having in the image below:


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