Booth Presenter

Date: October 18, 2014

Booth Presenter - Brook

Booth Presenter – Brook

Have you ever considered the importance of a booth presenter? A booth presenter can not only help your company look professional, a booth presenter can help you bring in the right kind of people. The kind of people who want what you are selling.

So what is the difference between hiring a booth presenter compared to using a member of your existing staff?

Most people don’t realise that being a booth presenter is an experienced acquired skill.

Even the best sales men and women can find a trade show, exhibition or conference a hard work. This can be due to the dynamics, atmosphere and social construct being vastly different at these types of events.

This is why it can be ‘rough waters’ for great sales people.

Sailing through those waters is the experienced booth presenter who has experienced the many hardships multiple times in the early days of their career.

Some people do comment that, “Each event is different!”

They are correct.

Who do you want sailing the ‘rough waters’ in this uncharted land?

You got it…the booth presenter.

A booth presenter makes your sales team stronger

When a booth presenter helps your company to bring in delegates to your booth, aids in the qualification of those leads while presenting your key information, what does this allow your sales team to do?

Be free to utilise what they know best, their personal skill-set and knowledge base, the exact reason why they are such a valued member of your company.

Someone asks a question, they are there.

Another very interested person has a specific requirement and doesn’t need the presentation; your sales staff can convert that red-hot lead.

Plus the many other benefits of having your team and their knowledge at your disposal and not tied up in a presentation.

A booth presenter generates crowds ready for your team to pick the low hanging fruit

Imagine how excited and impassioned your sales team are going to be when they close sales after sale.

They will be so excited and positive about your companies present at the event; helping to create positive, friendly and approachable atmosphere at your booth.

How can a booth presenter help increase sales?

Well the secret is that at a trade show or exhibition, many sales teams have their time wasted by people looking for free items. Your team will pitch to the delegate but they are just secretly listening politely to get the free item.

While this is happening the interested people might not have anyone to talk to, get bored and you lose the window of opportunity.

A booth presenter can, during his presentation, subtly qualify the attendees and at the conclusion pass those people on to the sales team who are ready to talk to warm and hot leads instead of uninterested parties.

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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