Conference Host

Date: March 11, 2015

Conference Host - Brook

Conference Host – Brook

Are you looking for a conference host with a special something? We have a conference host that is certain to get, and hold, the attention of any audience.

There are a number of ways to utilise a conference host.

The first way is to have a conference host as part of the main talks and proceedings at a conference, however, more commonly a conference host is used to host at conference exhibits.

Which type of conference host is Brook?

Actually, he is both.

Brook’s understanding of psychology and how to apply psychology in many aspects of interpersonal relationships (both in and outside of work) allow him to talk about that subject matter in relation to your conference main topics.

To find out if your conference topics and keynote speeches are applicable for Brook to talk about simply get in touch via email or a quick phone call.

But don’t forget the other aspect of a conference host, attracting people to stop by an exhibit at the conference.

There are many ways with which companies will attract people into their exhibit at a conference, from free items right up to large striking displays. Nothing quite beats that personal touch though.

Some companies use their sales team to attract people in to their exhibit and then start explaining a product or service to them. While this can work, big companies are realised that attracting people into exhibits takes a certain skill-set and therefore, employ a host in order to attract delegates into the company space.

But that isn’t all that a host is able to do!

A conference host that qualifies

Brook is a conference host that doesn’t just do the basic job of a conference host by pulling in delegates to the company exhibit, oh no. Brook works hard at qualifying these leads in order to only pass on those who are genuinely in need (or soon to be in need) of your company product or service.

This not only helps to increase conversion rates but saves your staff’s time as they don’t need to talk to random people who are chatting out of obligation of politeness.

Here’s some great reason why you should get Brook on board as your conference host of choice:



A bit more information about Brook

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