Conference Event Planning

Date: November 4, 2014

Conference Event Planning - Brook

Conference Event Planning – Brook

Perhaps you’re just about to start your conference event planning, or maybe your conference event planning is just missing a few important things, either way we would like to present a few things that could help.

Upon starting the conference event planning process there tends to be one thing that is overlooked.

The conference event planning process normally starts with the building of the conference exhibit, then moves on to the look of the exhibit and finally the literature to be included.

That’s everything check off the conference event planning list, right?

For most companies, the answer is, “yes”.

However, some of the largest and most successful companies in the world there is one massive and very important fourth area of the conference event planning process…crowd generation.

Now we’re not talking about free giveaways here.

They don’t count. Free items tend to only temporarily stop individuals in the conference aisles as they pick up the item. There rarely is any serious attempt from such people to learn more about the company or the products/services on sale.

You’ve seen these crowd generating items before.

Crowd generation items, can be engaging presenters, entertainers, games, caricaturists, live animals and anything else that will get people in the exhibit.

These crowds can be turned into profit and help to build genuine long-term relationships with clients.

However, there is something else needed in order to make these crowds beneficial to companies.

Your conference event planning secret weapon

So you now realise that that conference event planning has this forth step of crowd generation.

Time to introduce you to the next advance level of the forth criteria in the conference event planning process.

Qualifying crowd generators.

It’s all fine and dandy getting a crowd, but what you really want from that crowd are the people who are termed ‘hot lead’ and want what you are selling. However, these people might not realise what you are selling or the specific benefits, even though they may be in desperate need of your product.

The crowd generator who can qualify, such as Brook, will during their presentation find out (in a subtle way) who is interested in your product and then pass them on to members of staff at the conclusion of the presentation.

For those who have no immediate need for your products or services they go away with more company and product knowledge so they know where to come to when they get the need.

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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