Conference Training

Date: October 20, 2014

Conference Training - Brook

Conference Training – Brook

Has your company benefited from conference training? A lot of powerful companies understand the important of conference training for their sales staff when placing them in a conference setting.

What is conference training?

Conference training is a short course of group tuition that focuses on the specialised and unique skills that are required at a conference, trade show or exhibit.

These conference training can focus on areas such as effectively stopping delegates who are walking by, powerfully engaging with delegates, massive conference selling mistakes and many others.

Did you know that some companies have sales staff that actively put people off entering, or even stopping at, the exhibit?

We think you would be shocked if we would show you examples of these exhibits.


They can be the most elegant stands, with the best looking sales staff who have the biggest smiles and the best freebies.

What turns people away?

If you don’t know, then you can understand the value of conference training. The answer is actually where the sales staff are seated and positioned. We won’t get into the important stuff here as we like to keep our client’s competitive edge to a maximum.

The real power of conference training

The high impact conference training usually last about thirty to sixty minutes and is recommended to take place a day or two before the event, in order to keep the information fresh and relevant.

There are many areas covered on the conference training program that will help your sales staff to maximise their presence at the conference.

It doesn’t matter if your conference exhibit is there to impart information, increase brand awareness, promote a product/service or make sale on the day. The conference training helps your staff to maximize the area you want to focus on to achieve your targets and objectives.

By far the most powerful aspect of conference training is that once your sales staff has the knowledge they can use it time and time again. It really is a strong investment t make.

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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