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Date: November 18, 2014

Crowd Stopper - Brook

Crowd Stopper – Brook

Have you used a crowd stopper before? A crowd stopper at a conference, exhibition or trade show can make a massive difference to the experience you have and arrive at the targets you set for the event.

Chances are that if you have been to some kind of event where there are companies who are selling product/services or simply imparting information, such as a trade show, you have seen a crowd stopper.

So what does a crowd stopper look like?

Well a crowd stopper can technically be any member of staff that is stopping the masses of people from walking past a booth, stall or exhibit.

More often than not though a crowd stopper is a professional who has built up skills of stopping people and getting them to watch a presentation, find out more about a company or interact with the sales team.

Technically a crowd stopper can also be an activity, event or thing that delegates wish to interact with that is happening within your exhibition space.

This could be a cute fluffy animal, an infectious game or even a free prize giveaway. However, these types of activates while able to stop the crowd are not necessarily able to direct the crowd or impart information on a personal individual basis.

There is also the problem that delegates can feel a little duped by such activities if the sales staff then proceeds to bombard them with company information or product/sales pitches.

Brook, the crowd stopper with a difference

Brook isn’t just a crowd stopper, he specialises in creating presentation that stop people, engage them and then qualify which people in the crowd are perfect for your products.

This goes beyond the usual activities of a crowd stopper, and certainly a great deal more than a non-speaking crowd stopper such as a fluffy chinchilla.

Brook works with your company to tailor a strong presentation that will meet all of your targets and then he adds in some of his special abilities as a professional presenter in order to engage, inform and entertain the audience.

Get in touch and let us know what your specifications are and we can tell you more about the bespoke services we can offer you.

Best of all we make your trade show, conference and exhibit experiences FUN!

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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