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Date: December 17, 2014

Event Professionals - Brook

Event Professionals – Brook

Corporate event professionals can be hard to find. Well, quality corporate event professionals that are experienced and reliable can be hard to find, can’t they?

We understand that you want event professionals who are able to not just deliver the service that you hire them for. Experienced event professionals should be able to notice other potential issues within their working environment and, where possible, offer the solution.

There are many types of corporate event professionals out there, how can you be certain you are hiring one that can deliver the goods?

It all depends on the type of professional you require, however, there are some common traits to look out for.

How good does their website look?

In this day and age even a techno-phobe can log on to a website building website and make a half-decent looking website; if they don’t have a half-decent looking website, why not?

What other companies hire them?

Do other companies in the world trust this professional? If so how easy is it to see the clients the professional has previously worked with?

Can you see evidence of the professional in action?

Are you able to see video footage or photographs of the professional actually doing what you want to hire them to do?

Event Professionals for Corporate Events

Now that you know what to look out for when hiring corporate event professionals, we would like to point in the direction of one of the United Kingdom’s most unique event professionals…Brook.

Unlike other event professionals, Brook has two very powerful strings to his bow as far as corporate events are concerned.

For most of his life Brook has been working out what makes people ‘tick’. He has developed that into two platforms, corporate presenting/training and corporate entertainment.

Brook’s corporate entertainment takes the form of his ‘Mind Play’ what he literally plays with the minds of the audience and is able to do bafflingly amazing things with them.

The presenting and training side of Brook’s corporate event structure still utilises his knowledge of psychology, that could be creating an engaging and powerful after dinner speech, presenting on video for your company or training your staff and teaching them how to get into the minds of the people they sell to.

Find out more by giving us a quick phone call or email and we can give you a better idea of how Brook will fit in with your next corporate event.

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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