Exhibition Event Planning

Date: October 19, 2014

Exhibition Event Planning

Exhibition Event Planning

Want the biggest key to success in exhibition event planning? It’s usually last on the exhibition event planning list, when it should be one of the first things hired.

What is this big secret of exhibition event planning?

A professional presenter who is able to pull in a crowd to your exhibit, booth or stand.

When people start their exhibition event planning they tend to look at the exhibit space first.

Next on the exhibition event planning list is how that space looks; the pop-up stands, custom made desks, lighting, etc.

Then the exhibition event planning talk turns to free ‘giveaways’ in order to get people interested and increase brand awareness.

After that the exhibition event planning tends to turn to literature. What types of brochures, pamphlets, business cards, flyers, etc. are going to make it to the display.

The final part of the exhibition event planning is normally devoted to how to pull in people from the aisles and get their attention. This can be some form of entertainment, free food or drink or a game of chance.

Bottom-up exhibition event planning

What do we mean by ‘bottom-up exhibition event planning’?

Essentially we would love for you to see the benefits of looking at a professional experienced entertainer or presenter (to pull in the crowds) first.

Think about it.

Even if the custom build stand fell to pieces, your banners broke, the giveaways get misprinted and your brochures are stuck at the printers…basically, you have just the floor space …can you still make the impact you want at the exhibition?


As long as there is still a professional presenter or specialised entertainer there to generate a crowd, deliver your message and qualify leads you could still make a massive impact on the exhibition targets you’ve set.

We would go as far as to say it is possibly the most vital point on the exhibition event planning list as the rest seems pointless if people are not actively involved with your exhibit.

Why not take a bottom-up approach and get a powerful presenter or entertainer on board in the initial stages?

If you book them early, it means your competition can’t!

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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