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Date: December 21, 2014

Exhibition Host - Brook

Exhibition Host – Brook

Looking for the exhibition host with the most? Oh dear, let’s start again. Are you looking for an exhibition host that will improve your exhibition sales and become a valued member of your team for years to come?

If the answer to that is ‘yes’ (we will take ‘maybe’ too) then we think we may have the exhibition host for you.

You’ve probably seen other exhibitors using an exhibition host before, it can be really hard to miss them as it’s the job of the exhibition host to stand out and draw attention.

It’s often the bigger companies on the market who employ the skills of the exhibition host, but don’t be fooled; any company has the ability to get an exhibition host involved in their strategy.

The rule of thumb is, “if you are exhibiting at a trade show, conference or exhibition, you’re clearly big enough to enjoy the benefits of a professional host.”

So what can a professional exhibition host do for my company?

An exhibition host is there as a prime focal point to draw the attention of the passing crowd. The fact that the focal point is a person instead of a display or some form off technology is a very strong and often overlooked tool.

When you hire and exhibition host, such as Brook, they will liaise with your company and find out what you want to achieve from the exhibition, for each company this is different.

From there on the exhibition host would develop a short punchy presentation that focuses on sharing important information and key-fact about your company to the crowds that are generated.

During the presentation every single delegate that has stopped will learn about what your company provides, have the company branding instilled in them, learn about the company ethos and find out about key important product ranges that you offer.

That’s what everyone gets.

But there’s more.

Brook, offers a wonderful qualification service at no extra cost. Essentially during his presentation Brook discreetly qualifies the delegates and works out who is ‘ready to buy’ today. These people are then passed on to your sales team to close the deal.

Pretty cool, huh?

Don’t just put a pin in this, or bookmark this website for later, take a positive action and call us, or at least send us a quick email so that we can bring these wonderful benefits to your next exhibit.

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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