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Date: February 11, 2015

Professional Host

Professional Host – Brook

A professional host at your trade show or exhibition is one of the best ways to draw a crowd. Is a professional host necessary?

Whether a professional host is necessary all depends on what you want to achieve at your exhibition or stand.

A professional host is used to being stood up for long periods and maintaining his or her energy levels.

Think of a professional host as a marathon runner.

Sure each year people who have never trained will run marathons. They take much longer to do so, are more tired at the end and sustain injuries; all very demoralising for them or anyone who sees them.

If your staff members are not doing presentations on a daily basis all day long, then they are going to be similar to the untrained marathon runner. That’s not to say that the staff are incapable of delivering presentations but the longevity and consistency can be an issue.

Most exhibits don’t bother hiring a professional host but rely on their staff to pull in the crowds.

This means that by the end of the day, when your staff are tired their ability to draw people in and be ‘high-energy’ is greatly diminished.

Imagine the entire trade show, conference or exhibition hall being full of these types of presenters toward the end of the day.

Do you think the companies who hire the professional presenters, who are used to being on their feet all day presenting without losing energy, will get people stopping by?

Sure they do!

In fact in a sea of low energy, the high-energy presentations seem even more impactful and big companies have known about this secret for some time, hence why they hire professional hosts.

A Professional Host with a Hidden Power

The other benefit of a professional host is that they won’t just be able to keep the dynamic nature of your stand or area going for a day, they can provide this untiring and indefatigable service day-in and day-out for you.

Staying power like this can only be developed by doing this every week and staying in that rhythm.

To find out just what Brook, professional host, can provide in conjunction with your company, simply get in touch today.

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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