Professional Presenter – Brook

Date: November 6, 2014

Professional Presenter - Brook

Professional Presenter – Brook

Are you looking for a professional presenter? Would you like a confident professional presenter that is experienced talking to people in any media?

Then Brook is the professional presenter for you!

Brook has been a professional presenter for more than 11 years and has presented for companies both large and small in many different environments presenting on many different topics.

As you would expect with any professional presenter, Brook will work with you to develop a script that you are happy with, yet embodies his own presentational style.

Once the script is signed off Brook will not only memories the script but uses a hidden cueing device to make sure that no important points or information is lost, misremembered or forgotten.

Very few professional presenters in the United Kingdom have developed this skill of using an out of sight cueing device in order to deliver the exact script that you signed off.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t make Brook sound like a robot, that’s the skill, making it seem exactly as it would without the prompter.

“What about if there is a moment that is unscripted, won’t the prompter just carry on without Brook?”

No. Brook is in complete control of his prompter at all times and that includes the ability the pause the prompting and restart at a moment’s notice.

A professional presenter for your video project

As a professional presenter Brook is also no stranger to being filmed, in fact, he loves it.

Well versed and comfortable using a range of cueing devices such as teleprompters and inner ear devices allows Brook to be word perfect every time.

If you need a professional presenter for video that is unscripted then Brook can give you great banter, excellent interviewing skills, and intelligent conversation aplenty.

There are very few projects as a professional presenter that Brook isn’t able to do (one of them is be a woman, we’ll let you guess the others) so let us know about your project and we will have Brook at your service in no time.

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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