Professional Trade Show Presenter

Date: October 21, 2014

Professional Trade Show Presenter - Brook

Professional Trade Show Presenter – Brook

A professional trade show presenter is crucial for your trade show exhibit. The professional trade show presenter is able to maximise your presence, generate crowds, increase brand/product awareness and qualify leads, among many other key exhibit skills.

So why doesn’t everyone use a professional trade show presenter?

That’s a great question.

One of the common reasons for companies not hiring a professional trade show presenter is that they believe their sales staff can have the exact same impact.

While it would be excellent to be able to use your current sales team in place of a professional trade show presenter, it can be a costly mistake.

A professional trade show presenter has honed specific skills for use in the trade show arena over countless trade shows, conferences and exhibitions.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that the trade show operates in the same way as a normal sales drive.

It doesn’t.

Even the most seasoned professional sales people in the world can have a difficult time selling at a trade show due to the unique dynamics of these events.

The people who work for you are great in their roles and that is where they are best placed for serving your company. At a trade show their specialised and also generalise knowledge of your products/services is one of the strongest assets.

However, if your team is focused on doing tasks that are not their core skill-set, such as presenting, gathering crowds, qualifying leads, etc. it can be demotivating, challenging and sap morale.

Hiring a professional trade show presenter enables you to have all of the powerful benefits of that service and frees up your sales staff to do what they do best.

It’s time to get your team happy and excited about the trade shows you attend…can you imagine the benefits that has?

A professional trade show presenter that shares his secrets

Brook is an experienced professional trade show presenter who also like to break one of the golden rules of a professional trade show presenter…don’t share your secrets.

The secrets, techniques and skills that Brook has learned as professional trade show presenter are available as trade show ‘Booth Training’.

This is a course of training that last around an hour and is often conducted the day prior to the event at the exhibit itself.

The aim of the ‘Booth Training’ is to share a number of very important key skills with your sales team that will make them unstoppable trade show machines. They will be able to get more interest, speak to more people about your products/services and even generate more sales, to mention a few attributes.

It is truly an investment as the information can be used over and over again at other events and isn’t specific to the trade show environment it is taught in on the day.

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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