Trade Show Presenter

Date: October 17, 2014

Trade Show Presenter

Trade Show Presenter – Brook

Looking for a trade show presenter with a difference? You want a trade show presenter who can pull in the crowds and deliver your company message, product information or service features in a direct and powerful way, right?

Boy do we have the trade show presenter for you.

Brook is an extremely unusual trade show presenter with not just a few years in the field, not five years even, but over ten years of experience making people happy and generating business.

Sounds good doesn’t he?

But what makes Brook the perfect choice as a trade show presenter?

Brook’s largest passion in life is psychology. For him it’s about understanding how the human mind thinks and working out the strange and fascinating ways to use that information in the real world.

In fact, Brook can do some pretty exceptional things with this understanding of psychology that he likes to call ‘Mind Play’. This fun and interactive element can be worked in to your trade show presentation to great effect, so make sure you speak to us about it when you call.

You get more than just a trade show presenter in Brook…you get a script writer

It’s not just a case of, “pass me the script and I’ll deliver it” with Brook.

The scriptwriting process will help to integrate subtle psychological techniques into the presentations. This can help delegates to remember key information, core messages and product/service details that you would like them to remember.

Trade show presenter bonus for your exhibit staff

Of course, by hiring Brook as trade show presenter you will see an increase in visitors to your exhibit, an improved recall of information for delegates and a general excitement about your exhibit at the show.

That’s pretty great for a trade show presenter.

But we want to go beyond the limits of what you think a trade show presenter should be. That’s why Brook offers a change to train your staff in his ‘Booth Training’ session.

Most companies find that the ‘Booth Training’ works well the day before the event after the exhibit has been fully constructed.

The ‘Booth Training’ can last between 30 – 60 minutes and will make sure all of the sales team are aligned to giving you the best result at the trade show. The best part about the training is that the information can be used at every trade show that your company exhibits at.

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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