Trade Show Traffic Stopper

Date: January 2, 2015

Trade Show Traffic Stopper - Brook

Trade Show Traffic Stopper – Brook

Grab a powerful trade show traffic stopper today. Have you ever thought about how you could utilise a trade show traffic stopper at your next trade fair, conference or exhibition?

Most people think that a trade show traffic stopper will simply stop traffic and pass them off to members of staff. However, while this can sometimes be the case, Brook goes far beyond what most expect from a trade show traffic stopper.

Literally anything that grabs attention in a powerful and engaging way can be a trade show traffic stopper.

Bright lights, unusual creatures, computer games, very expensive prizes or giveaways and many other things can get people to stop at your booth instead of walking on by.

But stopping is not enough.

Do you realise just how easy it is for someone to just carry on walking after they have stopped?

It’s as simple as placing one foot in front of the other and they are moving away from your booth and away from the potential influence of your company.

The way to keep people from walking away once they have stopped is to have an engaging and interactive experience, something they simply can’t walk away from and want to stay for.

Some companies choose to hire an entertainer to fulfil this role, other companies prefer to have a powerful presenter. Brook just so happens to be both of these things and can give your company one of the best chances to gather interested crowds of people.

Much more than just a trade show traffic stopper

Brook as a trade show traffic stopper in either role as a presenter or entertainer is able to provide great results.

However, Brook takes the roll as a trade show traffic stopper very seriously and has devoted over ten years to the field of presenting in order to produce the best result possible.

There are a number of great benefits of hiring Brook as a trade show traffic stopper, we would like to focus on one right now.

Once Brook has generated an interested crowd he will positively begin to find out which of those people are ready to buy your product/service and those who are extremely interested and have a need very soon.

These people are then introduced to you staff so that they can provide detailed information or close the deal. Not only is this increasing the level of sales, it stops the time of your staff being wasted by people who are not really interested but are being polite.

To find out what else Brook is able to offer you get in touch with us today and we can work out what package is best for your company’s next trade show.

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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