Traffic Stopper

Date: March 4, 2015

Traffic Stopper - Brook

Traffic Stopper – Brook

A traffic stopper that stops human traffic from passing you buy is within your reach. Of course, when most people think of a traffic stopper they think of someone such as a police officer directing traffic.

In a way the policeman traffic stopper directing traffic isn’t too dissimilar to the traffic stopper that can be found at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions all over the world.

You see a traffic stopper can direct the delegate traffic to your stand or booth in an elegant and sophisticated way.

We are sure you have all been to trade shows and exhibitions where you see countless stands and stall filled with people who simply sit there and don’t say a word. Usually such companies tend to rely heavily on some mass freebie in order to pull people in.

Sadly, the freebie means that people slink into the booth or stand to get the freebie and listen to a sales presentation as a point of courtesy for taking an item from you. This approach alone can be very ineffective as it costs money for the free giveaway items and wastes the time of the staff who end up talking to ‘deaf ears’.

Equally there are those presenters at trade shows that draw people in by shouting and getting attention, much like the green grocer in a market. With so much visually going on at trade shows exhibitions and conferences the added auditory stimulus can be overwhelming and even drive people away from the sound source.

The balanced traffic stopper

We think that a traffic stopper with a good balance between getting people in to your stand or booth while remaining pleasant to the senses is the way forward.

Brook is a traffic stopper that will do just that.

No longer will your staff have to waste time of the freebie collectors, but the people they do speak with will be interested parties that are passed on by Brook after he has attracted and qualified the passing delegates.

Brining people, good quality people, into your company’s vision is what Brook is able to bring to our next event. However, this is only one benefit; take a look at some of the other benefits in the images below:


A bit more information about Brook

Author: Brook Presenter Team

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