Wedding Packages

Congratulations, it’s your big day. The one day in your life that you want to be perfect, and it will be. At least you don’t need to worry about searching for quality entertainment any more. These wedding packages mean that you can have quality without reducing the Father of the Bride to tears.

Basic Wedding Package Guaranteed saving: £50*

2 hours in one style without an interval

Sometimes one hour just isn’t enough. This package allows you to select any two hours of either walk around mind reading, table-to-table mind reading or psychological tree readings and pay less. Trust me, your guests will appreciate the extra hour.


Gold Wedding Package Guaranteed saving: £125*

2 hours mixed styles with an interval †

This is virtually the same as the Basic Wedding Package but with two exceptional extras. The first is that you can mix the styles and have two, one hour slots in the style that you want. Secondly, you can have an interval between performances. That means you can have an hour of walk around during the photographs, then and hour of table-to-table during the reception – or any other combination to suit your big day plans.


Platinum Wedding Package Guaranteed saving: £522*

Performance Unlimited – covers the full duration of your wedding ‡

Your guests have a good five minutes of conversation in them before it turns to weather and boring anecdotes that we’ve all heard before. This package is a single, flat rate that secures Paul Brook Mind Reader for the duration of your wedding. It comes with the added bonus of choosing multiple styles of performance. This means that your guests won’t end up remembering your special day as ‘another boring wedding‘.


A list of the performance styles that Paul Brook Mind Reader offers can be found here > performance styles.

Terms and Conditions

* Compared to buying the equivalent ‘Pay As You Go Performance’
† Maximum interval time between performances is one hour
‡ Performance Unlimited does not include stage shows, the maximum time for performance unlimited is six hours from arrival.


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